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When we say they suck, we mean it.

Just like any good straw should, our straws suck! Whether you're enjoying a soda, water, or a smoothie, we have the straw for you! Not only are they great straws, they don't suck for the environment. Pretty cool, huh.

6mm Silicone Tips

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Jumbo Silicone Tips

  • Eco-Friendly

    Make the green choice, ditch single-use plastic straws and swap them out with a reusable straw instead!

  • Cost Effective

    Save the environment and your bank account! Reusable products are a great way to reduce waste and invest in long-lasting products.

  • For a Good Cause

    We donate 2% of each sale to Save the Boundary Waters, an organization that helps keep the BWCA pristine.