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Black Standard Curved Stainless Steel Straw (6mm)

Black Standard Curved Stainless Steel Straw (6mm)

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Free Silicone Tip

This straw may appear to be like any other, but it's not. Made from rust-resistant stainless steel and with an added curve, not only is this straw strong, but it's an eco-friendly choice.

Included with each straw is a free 6mm silicone tip! Available in a variety of colors, silicone tips are a great way to make the experience of using a stainless-steel straw even better!

Our straws and silicone tips are a great and safe way to enjoy soda, water, smoothies, and more! There is no added taste from their use, only peace of mind knowing the planet is thanking you!

Clean-up is a breeze, especially with our Cleaning Brush (6mm). Don't forget to add one to your order!


Our straws have a glossy finish that can make them shift in appearance depending on the lighting. Our black straws often appear to be more of a dark gray, but in some settings can have a jet-black appearance. This straw has a sophisticated look and feel when used alone. When paired with a silicone tip, it offers a neutral color that can be livened up or kept cool based on the pairing.



Feel free to get creative and pair your straw with any silicone tip. For this straw, we recommend...



About 8 inches tall by 6mm thick.

Warning: Silicone tips may be a choking hazard and may not be suitable for young children.

Please note: Each product may have slight variations in color, finish, and shape.

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For A Good Cause

For each sale we make, we donate 2% to Save the Boundary Waters, an organization that helps protect this pristine area. You can use your Sucky Straw knowing part of that sale went to a good cause!